2017- Southwest Road Trip

2017- Southwest Road Trip

Milton and I flew to Albuquerque, where we visited with old friends. I had known Cynthia since the late 70’s. When I meant her, she had been a transcriptionist at Saint Francis Hospital. She would transcribe notes for the physicians. Sometimes, she would deliver the notes to the psychiatric unit, where I was working. Eventually she became a Registered Nurse while still working at Saint Francis and then when she and I left Saint Francis, we ended up working together at Alameda County’s psychiatric facility, John George. While at John George, Cynthia heard of a position with Kaiser in Vallejo and we both ended up working there together. I have a long, long history with Cynthia. She always felt like part of the “family.” So, when Milton and I decided to go on a Southwest trip, we knew we had to start our trip, visiting Cynthia, with her wife, Virginia, in Albuquerque, NM.

From Albuquerque, we visited Bandolier National Monument and Santa Fe. After several days, we drove from Albuquerque to Phoenix, where we spent a couple of nights and then on to Flagstaff from where we visited the Grand Canyon. From the Grand Canyon, we drove to Hoover Dam and then met up with family in Las Vegas.

On the last night of our road trip, we went to a Cher concert in Las Vegas. This is about eight minutes from our trip:

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