2016- Trump Dystopia

2016- Trump Dystopia

Welcome to 2026. The ninth year of the Donald Trump “presidency.”

What happened to Ted Cruz? He is now in Donald’s cabinet as the head of the “Protection Squadron,” sometimes referred to as the “Schutzstaffel” or “S.S. for short,” to provide “security” to Trump’s administration and the country.

Huckabee is in Donald’s cabinet as the “Minister of Ministries.” He is part of a “think-group” created to help move the country more toward God and Trump. Santorum is also part of the Department of Ministries and they are both working hard to find ways to make our laws more in line with Biblical law. Although Muslims have now been moved into “Jesus” camps in Guantanamo to help them find their way to The Lord, the Department of Ministries has embraced many of the same Biblical punishments as the fundamentalist Muslims had in their sharia law.

Public whippings are back as are public hangings and stoning’s on Saturdays, which always get a big crowd of gun-toting straight white men, mainly whooping it up and hollering and shooting off their mandated assault weapons into the sky. Occasionally a stray bullet hits a black kid here and there but that has just become part of the revelry and no longer considered a “big deal.” Black lives really don’t matter anymore as that was only seen as “political correctness” and the Trump administration abhors political correctness.  There really aren’t that many black kids anymore anyway, as most have been forced into serving their country in the Trump Wars now taking place with multiple countries throughout the globe. Serving “The Ministry of Peace” in the Trump Wars is now the only way for young people of color to attain food and relatively clean drinking water. White children are exempt from serving as they are considered the future “job creators.”

For a while, Trump did try rounding up Mexicans and others, and did try deportations. But it turned out that it was just too expensive and impractical to have a central Federal government rounding up people for deportation. It was much easier to leave it to the States and localities to round up undesirables and dispose of them locally. There were now extermination and disposal sites managed my Ted Cruz’s “Protection Squadron,” in almost every city to manage all the “undesirables.” These undesirables include immigrants, homosexuals, uppity women and non-born again Christians. Marco Rubio serves under Cruz and is now in charge of the actual disposal sites and has taken to bleaching his skin so white that sores on his face regularly bleed. Unable to drink enough water to replace the fluid volume in his body, he is constantly hooked up to an I.V. to keep his bleached white body hydrated.

Every neighborhood now has it’s own “Born Again Christian Neighborhood Watch Group,” (sometimes referred to as “The Ministry of Love“) to “assist” the community members to get “born again,” too and to watch for any “crimethink” thought crimes and “sexccrimes” which is any sex that does not involve procreation of children. Republicans have been pushing for “duckspeak” since 1984, hoping “to make articulate speech issue from the larynx without involving the higher brain centres at all” and had been making progress on this goal since the reign of their demigod, Ronald Reagan.


Public pools have been turned into baptismal pools at least once a week for the unwashed masses to declare their loyalty to a jealous, wrathful God and even more jealous and wrathful, Donald Trump. (The masses are unwashed mainly because there is no low cost access to clean, drinkable water anymore. Most of the water that is left has been contaminated with lead by the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, former Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder.

Even though the government “Ministry of Truth” continues to deny it 24/7 on ALL of their six hundred and sixty six propaganda channels, climate change has proceeded anyway, made worse by an excess of political hot air. The Mid-West now has tornado’s year ’round and the Gulf Coast has hurricanes in the dead of winter. Much of Florida is now under water. It is called “God’s will,” NOT “climate change!!” The phrase, “climate change” has been made illegal as well as the phrases, critical thinking, democracy, democratic process, voting rights, and empirical evidence. Facts are now determined to be facts by the local Born Again Christian Neighborhood Watch group rather than science or history which do not adhere to Biblical teachings. All textbooks now come from the far right wing’s politically correct State of Texas that was glad to replace “evolution” in the science curriculum with “creationism.” Only science that agrees with the Texas Board of Good Christian Values is allowed to be taught. All other pre-Trump textbooks written outside of the State of Christian Texas have been banned.

“The Ministry of Plenty” oversees the great famine throughout the land. Most people will do any kind of labor for any kind of handout offered by the rich. There is minimal mobility because Republicans do not believe in public transportation or highways. All functioning roads are now privately owned toll roads after most of the countries infrastructure was “privatized.” Chris Christie has been appointed “Bridge Czar” to make sure that no one can cross any bridges without their passport, visa and express permission from his department. There are not public schools because Republicans do not believe students should get a “free ride.” (Children whose parents can not afford private Christian schools should be working in factories anyway!!)

Of course, child labor laws, the minimum wage, the forty hour week, sick time, vacation time, and job safety laws have all been done away with as they were seen as “socialism.”

All contraception has been made illegal. All pregnancies are monitored by Carly Fiorina’s agency, “Save the Fetus.” Since all contraception has been made illegal, the recommended birth control is for a woman to hold an aspirin between her knees whenever she is tempted to have sex. Women are now mandated to carry every pregnancy to term and if there is any doubt, a woman can be held in four point restraints to keep her from harming her fetus while Sarah Palin collects a hefty salary and benefits for leading a group of fundamentalist evangelicals praying over pregnant women. Some women that have a pregnancy due to rape spend almost their entire pregnancy in restraints, being fed with tubes throughout their pregnancy listening to Palin pray in her nails on chalkboard voice. Sometimes “artsem” is used on women that refuse “goodsex” from their God-husbands for the purpose of procreation. As soon as a baby is born, the mother and baby are escorted out to the sidewalk and the door slammed behind them. Some have their “God-husbands” to go home to, while whores and those fool enough to allow themselves raped, are on their own, with new babies they have no way to feed or clothe.

Every white male over 10 years old is now mandated to carry at least one gun, preferably an assault weapon so that they can “open carry” and “stand their ground” against immigrants, minorities, homosexuals and uppity women. When men marry, they are now legally deemed to be “God-husbands” and head of households. Because Eve fed Adam the apple of evil knowledge, all women are suspect and expected to be subservient to their God-husbands. Women are no longer allowed to vote or work outside the home where they might entice men other than their husbands to rape them.

The civil rights act has been totally repealed by the new, Trump appointed “Supreme Court.” The fascist, Scalia, and house-negro, Clarence Thomas, were the only ones from the previous court that were allowed to keep their jobs. Rand Paul was also given an appointment because of his long time fight against civil rights. All the other previous justices have been “disposed” of.  All “equal rights” laws that protected women and minorities have been repealed as they were obviously written by Satan or socialists.  People of color that are too old to fight in the Trump Wars, are only allowed to work as migrant farm workers in exchange for not being deported or becoming an “unperson” at one of the governements “joycamps.” Children have been removed from the homes headed by homosexuals or single parents that might be homosexuals since they don’t have an opposite-gender partner.

Seniors have lost their Social Security and Medicare but Jeb Bush encourages them in his daily morning t.v. show, “Let’s get Energized!” in which he lays on a couch and watches the world go by, mumbling incoherently.

Ben Carson has been made the “Minister of House Negros,” an agency that helps discern which people of African descent can be trusted to be docile and subservient to the white masters and which ones need to be disposed of in the extermination camps. He is only able to keep his eyes open for twenty minutes a day, though, and so doesn’t get much work done.

Not only did Trump keep his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border, he exceeded his own expectations and built walls around every city and town and every neighborhood so that “free” movement of citizens could be more easily monitored and controlled. The walls are all fifty feet high with three feet doors so that you can only fit through on your knees or belly. Huge photos of Trump smiling, decorate each wall on either side of these small portals.

How did this happen, Democrats, liberals and progressives on either coast ask themselves? How could Bernie or Hillary not have won back in 2016? How is that possible?

Blinded by their own hubris and overconfidence, many Democrats, liberals and progressives didn’t bother to vote. They just assumed there was no way that Donald Trump could possibly win. Hillary won more votes but Bernie’s supporters insisted on “Bernie or Bust!” They steadfastly refused to vote for Hillary. There were just too many narcissistic Democrats, liberals and progressives that were only interested in their own egocentric agendas in a mad scramble to be further left than their friends.  Bernie supporters decided to stay home and “teach the Democratic party a lesson” rather than vote for Hillary. Many were cynical enough to say “Both political parties are corrupt.” Some would say, “Both political parties are the same,” ignoring the real vast differences between the parties. Some took pride in telling their Hillary supporter friends, “I am just further to the left of you” and feeling like that justified their not voting. It just “felt good” to be so sanctified and above the process.

Meanwhile, The Republicans lined up behind Trump. The Republicans had their 24/7 propaganda channel, Fox News, and much of the corporate media constantly encouraging voters to vote for Trump. Trump had convinced many voters that THEY could be a part of his “reality show” and he ran his campaign like a reality show. Ratings were high. It didn’t matter what his policies were because he was just so “entertaining.” He used old Republican fear tactics, racism, nationalism and xenophobia to stir up the electorate.

In every walled town and walled city, in every privatized walled public square, in every walled neighborhood, loudspeakers blare the song, “Happy Days Are Here Again,” over and over and over again so nobody will have any doubt that these ARE “good times.” Trump has taken our country back for the rich white people to whom it should have always belonged! Heil, Trump!





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