2006- Trip to Seattle

2006- Trip to Seattle

My cousins, Gail, Nola, and Don in the Spokane area, are all in the same age group as Darlene, Roger and I. We spend much of our childhoods and teen years together. As adults, we have made efforts to get together periodically. Sometimes those get-togethers have been in Spokane. Sometimes they are in Seattle. Usually, my sister, Donna, also joins us. In 2006, we planned one of these get-togethers. I flew up to Seattle on Southwest Airlines Friday, March 3rd and arrived in Seattle at 4:30pm. We all met at Summerfield Suites at 1011 Pike Street, where Gail had made us reservations. I flew home on Monday, March 6th at 3:45pm. It was a fun weekend.

On Saturday, we all took a walk together. We went to see Roger play on Saturday night. Nola and Gail danced. On Sunday, we wandered around the Seattle waterfront. Don was dancing to a street musicians music. Alec Emerson came to the hotel with his daughter on Saturday. David Emerson came to the hotel with Spencer on Sunday. We all went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Alec brought his son to meet us all on Sunday.

Don, Darlene, Me, Anita, Gail, Donna, Bill, NolaBill, Nola, Darlene, Roger, Gail, and Donna


RogerRoger, Donna and Gail


GailNola Dancing



Don Dancing to Street Musician


Don and Anita


David EmersonDavid and Spencer





Anita, Darlene, Gail, Roger and back of someone’s head


Alec and son


Alec and daughter

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