2006- Palm Springs White Party

2006- Palm Springs White Party

“White” pertains to what people wear… like a black tie party would be black… Milton and I had not been to a “circuit party” before and wanted to get some sun anyway and thought it would be fun to check this out… a lot of very hot men that look like they stepped out of porn movies or something… most in their 20’s and thirties… one would need to take drugs to take it all in though… it was about 72 hours of gay partying… we certainly couldn’t keep up with all that and we just went to the pool party on Saturday for a couple of hours. We really couldn’t afford to go to all the parties anyway. Saturday night was the big one at the Palm Springs convention center where they were expecting 22,000 gay people (primarily men), where everyone wears white… but it was $110.00 to get in… Toni Braxtan (sp?) and some others were going to perform… People had already been going all Friday night. They continued all Saturday night and through Sunday night. It was fun to be in Palm Springs with all the gay guys.

So… Milton was watching Entertainment Tonight and they showed some footage from The Janice Dickerson Modeling Agency show… and there she was at The White Party… she was the one I thought was a drag queen!! We thought it was very funny…

A couple of years later, we would return to Palm Springs for another White Party and that time attend the big event.



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