1988- Midnight Caller

1988- Midnight Caller

Midnight Caller was a t.v. drama that aired from 1988-1991, starring Gay Cole as Jack Killian, that took place in San Francisco. Gary Cole’s character had been a former San Francisco police detective and was now working as a talk show host.

I don’t think Milton and I even watched it initially. I think the first time in came into my consciousness was when my old friend,

Junko, called and asked if I could take some pics for her to submit to the casting department for the television series. The way I remember it is that she was somewhere downtown San Francisco, where they were filming the series and she spoke with someone that gave her the contact information for “extras.” I took some pics of her but also decided to submit my own pics. As it turned out, I don’t think Junko ever followed through but I was in two episodes. In one episode, I played an FBI agent as an “extra” which means no lines. In the other episode, I played a doctor as an “extra,” also with no lines. It was fun to be in the two episodes but minimal pay and unpleasant conditions. You had to show up at the location for shooting very early in the morning. You would sit around most of the day. I remember being very cold at one location.

I really don’t remember the names of the episodes I was in but here is a video of clippings from the one in which I played the FBI agent. I have never seen the episode where I played a doctor. I think it is possible that the episode in which I played a doctor might have been a controversial episode of the time, called “After it Happened,” in which a bisexual man with AIDS intentionally infects a straight woman.





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