1985- Trip to Hawaii (Oahu)

1985- Trip to Hawaii (Oahu)

I know it was in 1985 that I went to Hawaii for the first, and so far, my only trip to Hawaii. Milton was supposed to come with me. We had talked about a trip to Hawaii and he was going to come. We had only been together a couple of years or a few years at that time and we kept all of our finances separate as we would continue to do through most of our lives together. He was working in housekeeping at Holiday Inn. He had finished the program to become a Licensed Psychiatric Technician about the same time that I finished my program to become a Registered Nurse. He took the California State Board for Psychiatric Technicians and like many people, did not pass it on the first try. He decided that he hated the idea of working in psychiatry and wanted to continue his less stressful and less financially beneficial job at Holiday Inn. He was not able to come up with the money for the trip to Hawaii, so I was left to go by myself.

I had never been to Hawaii before. I bought a low cost package from Pleasant Hawaii Vacations. My room was just a few blocks from the beach. I was quite satisfied with the accommodations. I was shocked by the humidity as it hit me in my face as I de-boarded the airplane. I had never encountered that kind of humidity before and it took me a little time to adjust to it.

I think it was the second day after my arrival that I came across an offer of a free rental car in exchange for attending one of those time share condo presentations. I had never attended one before so I had no clue what I was in for. It never occurred to me that it would be as bad an experience as it was! By the end of the presentation, I told them that I didn’t care anymore about the free car, I just wanted to know how to get out of the building!! It was an extreme high pressure kind of sales with multiple salesman coming at you pushing you to sign a contract. I just don’t respond well to high pressure sales. I finally did escape and did get the car for several days and was able to tour the island.


Balcony of my hotel room


View of Ala Wai Canal from my hotel room


Sea World Dolphin show.



Byodo-In Temple

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