2011-2. April- L.A., Palm Springs & “The White Party”

2011-2. April- L.A., Palm Springs & “The White Party”

We had been to The White Party in 2005 and decided it was time to check it out again. Northern California had been having a very wet winter and we were ready for some sunshine. Since I can’t tolerate more than about four hours in a car, it takes two days for us to get to L.A.. Kettleman City was our rest stop.

We stayed  in L.A. for a couple of days and stayed at a great Best Western on The Sunset Strip, a few blocks from The Whiskey. The room was large and the hotel was covered in bouganvilla and the sun was out. We enjoyed touring around L.A. to the Disney Concert Hall and Olvera Street. We enjoyed riding the metro to Union Station. The Getty museum was wonderful.

We got to Palm Springs on Friday and went to Hunters Bar and danced that night.

In our “off time,” when we were not at a “pool party,”  we drove around Palm Springs and checked out a “time share” my niece, Kathi, had mentioned somewhere along the way that they owned. At that time, I was exploring the idea of time shares but mostly finding out that they are not economically a good idea. But, we were still curious and found “Desert Vacation Villas.” It was nice but way too many children squealing and shrieking in the pools for us.

I had also been exploring the idea of RV parks in the Palm Springs area. I knew that, in a few years, I would be retiring and was thinking that Milton and I needed more winter vacation options. The “time share” idea didn’t really make sense for us but I was also interested in the idea of getting an R.V. so I was interested in R.V. parks. At that time, I was really thinking in terms of just parking the R.V. in a park and not really needing a truck at all. It would be essentially a “moving vacation home.” We could leave it in the Palm Springs area for a couple of years and then maybe move it to somewhere like San Diego or Mexico or across the country to Florida. There are plenty of companies that will move an R.V. for you. We were not interested in “weekend” or short trip camping. We needed somewhere that we could stay several weeks or months in the sun in the winter inexpensively.

On Saturday, we went to the pool party. On Saturday night we went to the actual White Party. We had a great time.


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