2010-3. Europe- Barcelona & Sitges

2010-3. Europe- Barcelona & Sitges


In Barcelona, we bought a Barcelona Card for unlimited rides on the metro system which we only used once to ride from the airport to Passing de Gracia station. From there we rolled our carry-on’s the Axel Hotel that bills itself as “hetero-friendly.” Although it is popular with gay people, there were plenty of straight people there as well. It is a very nice hotel. We were upgraded to a “superior” room.

The hotel is in a “gay” area of Barcelona and we did look at various gay bars in the neighborhood but didn’t go in any of them. The dance clubs don’t get started until about two in the morning and we just can’t stay up that late anymore.

Barcelona street with laundry hanging out to dry. Actually, you really didn’t see laundry hanging out to dry much in Barcelona because they have an ordinance against it, we were told at the hotel. Apparently the people on this street didn’t get the memo.


La Pedrera (Catalan for ‘The Quarry’), is a building designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí & built during the years 1905–1910, being considered officially completed in 1912
An interesting building in Barcelona. The city really has some nice buildings
Milton at the Starbucks on La Rambles.

Milton at the Starbucks on La Rambles.


A street artist on La Rambles. There were many.


From Barcelona, we took a train to Sitges, Spain. My friend, Kathleen, had told me about Sitges, otherwise I would have never heard of it.  It is a small, gay friendly, beach community about 45 miles outside Barcelona. We were using my iPhone GPS to tell us when to get off the train and we lost the signal and missed our stop. Others told us it was Sitges, but I deferred to my iPhone as these same people had told us other stops had been Sitges, too, and by the time we actually got to Sitges, I didn’t think they knew what they were talking about. We went one stop too far and had to take the next train back.

Train station in Sitges
Milton writing in his journal on the balcony of our room at Calopolis Hotel in Sitges


View from our balcony at the Calipolis Hotel in Sitges.


Milton in the Mediterranean Sea.


Me sitting on a bench on the malecon in Sitges.


Another view from our balcony in Sitges.


Milton at dinner in Sitges


Sylvan in Sitges



After spending the weekend in Sitges, we returned to Barcelona on Monday.

See that huge tower way off in the distance in the pic below? The tallest thing on the horizon? That is one of the towers for the cable cars that take you from the port to Montjuic, a small mountain with great views. That is where we are standing in this pic. I wanted to find the Funicular de Montjuïc to ride down the mountain, but we had got off the wrong metro stop for the cable car and had to walk a couple of miles around the harbor and Milton was exhausted and was drifting into cranky time, so we walked down the mountain and found a metro back to the hotel to take a nap.

This is a pic of the Barcelona beach from the cable car.


Casa Batllo is a building restored by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, built in the year 1877 and remodeled in the years 1904–1906.


Milton at the roof terrace bar at the Axel.


On the roof of La Pedrera in Barcelona. You can take a tour of the building and an apartment.
Segrada Famila.



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