1970-1971 14th Street with My First “Lover,” Jim

1970-1971 14th Street with My First “Lover,” Jim

Jim Archiquette and I lived on 14th Street in San Francisco twice. After leaving the flat on 24th street which was more like a commune with various people living in different rooms of the flat, Jim and I moved by ourselves to the one bedroom apartment on 14th. We lived there for a while and Jim furnished it with throw aways he found on the streets of San Francisco. It is amazing what kinds of things people throw out! I think there were a few things purchased from second hand stores as well.

We moved from 14th Street to the flat on Shotwell and Kenny moved in with us. We lived there for a while. It was a beautiful, huge flat with two bedrooms downstairs and a bedroom upstairs in what had probably been an attic at one time. Kenny had that room.

Aftern Kenny had drank the drano and died, Jim and I wound up moving back to 14th Street again, we were in the same building but a different apartment. These apartments were located at 193 14th.

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