1964- Darlene Marries Chuck

1964- Darlene Marries Chuck

I’m not sure if Darlene was even eighteen yet when she met Chuck Tasker. There was a lot of Navy and Marine men in San Diego and the surrounding area.

I was pretty devastated when I found out that Darlene was going to marry Chuck, who was a marine stationed at Camp Pendelton, near Oceanside, a short distance from Escondido. I had always been very close to Darlene and it seemed like we had all finally achieved some stability in Escondido and I didn’t want to lose that. When you live with chaos most of your life, you crave stability and fear change. I did not want to lose my sister to the obvious hayseed from Texas. She was way too good for him and I couldn’t understand why she would want to marry him.

My uncle, Rex, drove Ole, Gail, Billie and Nola down from Washington to Darlene’s wedding. Billie made a beautiful wedding cake. Gail told me recently that she had baked the cake in Spokane and carried it down in the car, “taking great care that it didn’t get smashed with the luggage.”She then frosted and decorated the cake in Escondido. Billie dyed her own wedding dress that she had worn when she married Joe Secor, for Nola to wear as a bridesmaid.The wedding itself took place on the backyard patio. Darlene has said that “The Luv Please” played at her wedding or after the wedding but, like so many things, I don’t have any recollection of that. Gail remembered that we did play that weekend at Camp Pendleton.

I can’t remember where Chuck and Darlene lived immediately after getting married. I assume it was probably military housing as Chuck was still in the military. I don’t think it was long after she married Chuck that mom and George sold the barn house in Escondido. Roger and I probably ended up in Toppenish for a while. Eventually, I would live with Darlene and Chuck in Seattle. That is another story.

Darlene would give birth to their son, Christopher Michael in Seattle. It was always amazing to me how much Chris was like his dad, Chuck. I am not sure if Chuck was still in the service, but he and Darlene broke up by the time Misty was born. I seem to remember that Darlene came to the house where George and mom were living on Lantana Drive in San Diego. I don’t remember ever seeing Chuck again after that. My understanding is that he went back to Texas and remarried there. Chris and Misty visited him there at least once. I don’t think that he ever contributed much financially to raising his kids.

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